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Apr 22, 2016 Model turned actor Hong Jong Hyun recently featured in a pictorial. With his good looks and tall stature, a visual sure to make many women swoon, Hong Jong Hyun shared his many charms through the shoot with bnt International. Hong Jong Hyun Opens up about Yura, Kim Woo Bin, and Others in Interview with a Pictorial Theme. Default.Ahead of the movie premiere for Meet the InLaws 2, Hong Jong Hyun held an interview at a cafe in Samcheongdong on April 27, where he was asked about the dating rumors with Nana while he was filming MBCs We Got Married. hong jong hyun interview about yura

Jul 12, 2015  JjongAh (Hong Jonghyun& Yura) delphinite. Yura, during your interview, you said that Jonghyun oppa will take care of you during your comeback, did he take care of

Hong Jong Hyun and Yura met for the first time onscreen after We Got Married. Hong Jong Hyun is one of the MC at Inkigaeyo. Yura being a member of Girl's Day came to the music show to promote their latest comeback single Ring my bell. We Got Married Girls Days Yura eased the tension between her and Hong Jong Hyun after an honest talk about his dating scandal with After Schools Nana, by using her smart wits. Onhong jong hyun interview about yura Hong Jong Hyun occasionally meet Yura after WGM? ! (Jong Hyun Interview @ Kstyle translated by hjjdai5y of Soompi) Q: This time, how is it to be in Japan after 2 and half years? J: Before this I came to Japan for showcase, but this time I come for FM. I feel very happy. The fans are happy, proof to my hard work and it encourages me to work harder.

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Hong Jonghyun (born February 2, 1990) is a South Korean actor and model. hong jong hyun interview about yura Hong Jong Hyun also talked about his pretend wife. He appears on the variety show We Got Married with Yura from Girls Day. He shared his thoughts on being on the show, saying, We In an interview, Hong Jong Hyun mentioned that his ideal type is someone that is bright and charming in her own ways. Hong Jong Hyun and Yura reunion few weeks ago. When Girlsday comeback with Ring My Bell in Inkigayo, Hong Jong Hyun gift to Yura 3 roses and a cake to support her. Love triangle between Hong Jong Hyun, Nana and Yur When asked what Yura's charms are during his interview with MyDaily, Hong Jong Hyun shared with a smile, [Yura is really innocent and kind She likes and reacts well to whatever I do, and I Hong Jong Hyun says he keeps in touch with both Nana and Yura Actor Hong Jong Hyun sat down with the press for an interview at a cafe in Sogyeokdong on April 27 to promote his movie, '

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