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Apr 24, 2010 Guide Nation War Quest lvl 52 You dont need to made all Style quest to get a nation you just need the following quests: Town Story Quest The Truth Discussion on Guide Nation War Quest lvl 52 within the Cabal Main Discussions Questions forum part of the Cabal Online category. , 18: 41 My level address: C MyCABAL EXTENSION FARM TO EARN! Server was designed with high rate and unique reborn system which is fit and liked by most people. All server features and other game designs like updates and events will always be posted here in forum. nation war cabal level

Cabal has an extensive Achievement system added during the 3rd awakening update. Achievements are obtained by many different methods such as quests, dungeons, pvp and items. Win PvP against opposing nation(5 Times) 10: Warming up before War Win PvP at War lobby: 5: Win PvP at War

Cabal Online. Cabal Online takes place in a fictional world known as Nevareth, nearly a thousand years after its devastation by a powerful group of idealistic men, the CABAL. Hoping to turn their world into a utopia, they inadvertently fueled the forces and laws of nature to rebel against them, causing the event known as the Apocalypse. You are here: Home Rankings Nation War About This Page: Players Overview. Take a look our Rankings, either Hero or Guilds. Take a look our Rankings, either Hero or Guilds. All Heroesnation war cabal level Welcome to Cabal Zone. We have 8 classes with a unique game system, join right now! WAGL, FS, WI, BL, FAGL, FB

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Introduction. Mission War is a capturetheflag type game that pits up to 200 players against each other in a single arena. Generally the nation that uses the best teamwork wins. Players are usually effective only in groups of 3 or more. nation war cabal level How to Access. You must belong to a nation (Procyon or Capella) and be between levels 52 200. When prompted by the system before the start of each new war, select the check mark to enter the lobby. If you are between levels 170 200, you have a choice between the Memoria Chrysos and Tierra Gloriosa maps. Available Channels. The following reward will be applied to a victorious nation for 7 days (from 24 hours of the day in which the war is over until the 7th day) Drop rate will rise in specific fieldsmission dungeons Experience and Skill Experience will increase in specific fieldsMission Dungeons Welcome to Cabal Zone. We have 8 classes with a unique game system, join right now! WAGL, FS, WI, BL, FAGL, FB Cabal Online server list find and play top Cabal Online servers around the world, ranked by players votes. BALANCED NATION WAR, SAFEGUARD AMP SCROLL DROPS, ALZ TO STAT POINT CONVERSION, TPOINTS, AWAKENED DUNGEONS, LONGTERM EVENTS AND UPDATES, STAT LIMIT INCREASES OVER TIME, VOTING SALARY [ECOINS AND MORE Play to win Max level

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